Elizabeth Bull

I’m Liz, my sporting background stemmed from an outward bound activity group I joined when I was 10. The friendships I made, the skills I learned, the confidence I gained; allowed me to engage and enjoy more ventures. I went on to become a canoeing instructor, I have taught CrossFit kids and I’m a level 2 multi sports instructor. I have played netball at county Level and still play for a ladies team in the Newcastle league. 


My love of sports is eclectic which means I have ideas from a broad range of sources to keep everyone engaged.

I’ve always worked with children, from volunteering at a YMCA, local CrossFit, camp America; and I’ve been a teaching assistant for 13years in both primary and secondary schools. I teach PE and lead a school skipping team. 


I have a degree in psychology and am currently studying towards a PGCE. Whilst knowing the positive impact gross motor skills have on everyday functions such as walking, running, sitting at a table, these then in turn can influence the ability to to perform fine motor skills; holding a pen or knife and fork. I also am an advocate that involvement in sport and physical exercise can help develop self regulation, cooperation and especially self confidence. 

Sport and physical exercise, in any form, permits children to gain new skills and meet new people. In a supportive and inclusive environment I hope to allow all children this opportunity. 






Can’t wait to meet you all!